The Human is a species not an individual. There are individual humans who can only exist as part of the species. The earth produced us as a species at a time that is recent in earth terms. We are still discovering the earth let alone our role within the earths evolution. We are like an infant at the breast ‘thinking’ in a self centred way and all is for us. Thus all other ‘being forms’ exist for us.

Organisation is the human setting for all meaning and purpose. There is nothing outside organisation. If there are possible other realities they are not accessible to us as individuals. We access and learn about that reality from organisational roles and purpose. We reflect within and upon our relationships and our endeavours in the organisations we participate within.

I write to gain insight into my own existence and to use my reflections as light to guide my thinking and engagement with others in organisations. The biggest challenge is to understand. The biggest threat is judgement because it is in fear of understanding. The trade-off between understanding and judgement is the space I can work in.

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